Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Know your Enemy on Domestic Terrorism at the early stage.
Five Oregon Teens Charged With Burglary in Alleged Bomb Plot

KEIZER, Ore. — Five teenage boys were arrested early Saturday following a burglary at McNary High School as part of an alleged plot to steal chemicals to make bombs, police said.

Two of the teens were stopped by a police officer who spotted them walking about 4:30 a.m. in apparent violation of curfew laws carrying backpacks that appeared suspicious.
The officer found several chemicals in various glass and plastic containers inside the backpacks, according to Capt. Jeffrey Kuhns of the Keizer Police Department.

Two of the teenagers entered the high school while three acted as lookouts, using handheld radios to communicate, Kuhns said.

A similar burglary occurred Friday at Claggett Creek Middle School, police said.

The names of the teenagers were not released. But four of the suspects are 15, and one is 13. There are two sets of brothers, and all five suspects live in Keizer, police said.

Three of the 15-year-old suspects attended McNary High School as ninth graders last year.
Investigators were trying to locate a sixth suspect who is believed to have been involved in a previous attempted burglary at McNary High School earlier this summer.

All the teens arrested face burglary charges, and some also face conspiracy and criminal mischief charges.

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