Saturday, August 11, 2007


The haunted land- America is a country that was established by people who exploited, lied to, stole from, enslaved, and murdered many other peoples—and justified solely by the invaders' feelings of superiority dependent upon a social construct known as "race." This invented construct remained the justification for murder and theft and deceptions galore for many years, and still does in many instances. This differentiation began here as a standard of "Whiteness vs. Other, Civilized vs. Savage" and was given teeth by the ideology of Religion.

And so those who came to the continent and perpetrated these crimes on the indigenous of the land used much flowery speech and grand idealistic concept. In this way, they justified terrible and inhumane deeds. America has never truly reckoned with this conflict, and so it continues today. The very same behavior of superiority complexes and greed disguised as glory and actualized through bloodshed continues. America now exports, and still allows, in more sophisticated means, this perversion of humanity to exist within her own boundaries.

Of course, there is a shame and a guilt that must occur, on some level, in sentient, emotional creatures descended and suffering and benefiting from this history and genesis of our current order. As we will not turn and look the monstrosity of this in the face, like a great collective unresolved trauma, it leaps out in strange places and unexpected and disproportionate violence or emotional engagements arise in our social dialogue and interaction over issues of race.
I called this dynamic "the haunted land," for this is a place where ghosts do not rest. And they surprise those who pretend to believe the American contradiction and hypocrisy as presented on TV and in many schoolrooms. Or MLK jr's dream has been realized?. Or that "racism is dead?.

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