Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sources: Obama Has More Than 6 People for Court

Pres. Obama is considering a list of more than 6 contenders for the Supreme Court that is dominated by women and Hispanics, one that includes judges and leaders from own his administration who have never donned a judicial robe

Do you worry about Social Security and Medicare?

Are you worried about your Social Security and Medicare? Would you prefer to see an increase in taxes or a reduction in benefits to help solve this problem? Do you think we should revisit the idea of privatizing Social Security?

US detainee abuse 'unprecedented' - 13 May 09

A former state department official has accused the Bush administration of unprecedented abuse in its treatment of terror suspects.

Philip Zelikow said there was a "collective failure" on the question of torture and blamed both political parties in the US.

He also alleged that in 2006 former Bush administration officials sought to collect and destroy copies of a memo he wrote opposing the interrogation methods, as Al Jazeera's Tom Ackerman reveals