Thursday, August 30, 2007

Minuteman Group involved in a Fiasco of Liars, Opportunists, and fighting for Monetary power।

Thanks to my frequently visitor Minuteman Anonymous I got the copy of the summons (Citation Judicial) from Minuteman Project Inc। against Jim Gilchrist, Sandy Gilchrist, Stephen Eichler, Tim Bueler, Tommy Crenshaw, Deborah Courtney, Linda Muller and Nathan Muller on the following grounds of inurement for personal benefit, disloyalty, conversion, diversion, Corporate Fraud, Perjury, Unjust enrichment, Breech of agreement, breech of Fiduciary jury, and wherever also result of the Investigation.

This look like a Circus, Nobody should be more responsible of this actions that them and for those people funding these Clowns should be ashamed. That's what all Minuteman Groups Want$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the early retirement.

See for yourself on this link[1].pdf

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