Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Dance Video from Minuteman Group selling at 99c Stores

Hilarious shows from Minuteman Members dancing reggaeton. Hilarous and funny demonstration of ignorance from Minuteman Members.


noopenborders said...

Thank you for creating this video, it shows that the Minutemen and Women are truly multi-cultural and NOT Racist Xenophobic people, but just your every day person on the street. And if you would like to see what actually goes on at the border, I personally invite you down to the California/Mexico border 60 miles east of San Diego to see “FIRST HAND” what goes on in the human & drug trafficking area there! Then you can write your articles with some intelligence and accuracy.

Here is the link for you to visit, and see what is going on: http://www.minutemancorpsca.com/

Hope to see your face at the border next month! I know I will be there!

Pro Inmigrant said...

Minuteman Groups Multicultural??? I do not know about that. Did you remember Ted Hayes? Why he get out of the Minuteman Group and organized American Black Citizens?
why Mr, Herrera Organized his own Group too? Minuteman Groups are going down by they own arrogance for power and lack of Ignorance.

Tony Cheek said...

Excellent video!

One thing, for the xeno talking about "flip a switch - takes a White Man! Go to the Moon - takes a White Man!"

I'd remind Bubba that all those wonderful inventions and discoveries didn't come from lazy Americans, but rather by IMMIGRANTS.