Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Don't understand these recently wave of Anti Immigrants, Xenophobics and Racists Sentiment.

I never understood anti-immigrant sentiments, especially in our Country U.S. where virtually everyone is an immigrant. I am of Mexican American descent, which means that at some point, all of my ancestors immigrated to the US from Mexico, some as early as the 1630's and some as recently as the 1920's.

Many people subscribe to the ridiculously oversimplistic idea that if there are x number of unemployed native born Americans, and x number of Undocumented immigrants with jobs, if you just removed the Undocumented immigrants, unemployment would drop below -0. This is a common argument in France also made by the Front National, an extreme-right, anti-immigrant party. The logic behind it is however horribly flawed. If you remove those Undocumented immigrants, you also remove all of the demand for goods and services they create, so you end up right back where you started or even worst. These narrow minded folks see only one side of the equation, that immigrants take jobs, not the other, equally important side... that immigrants create jobs by creating demand for goods and services otherwise deporting all undocumented Immigrants the Economic will drop to the lowest levels like the 1930's.

I do understand the more recent need to secure our borders. While I welcome anyone into this country who shares our values and simply wants a chance to work hard and experience freedom and a better life, we also must recognize that there are those who would hurt us (a small minority, but it doesn't take many to do a lot of damage. Remember Timothy Mcveigh.

The solution is not to shut our doors to all immigrants and become xenophobic, but rather control our borders, allow increased numbers of legal immigrants. For one thing, I disgusted see people risking their lives crossing the border to the US, many of them childrens. Additionally, when they arrive, they are automatically members of a lower class because they are not legal immigrants. If we were to grant them legal status, they'd have a real shot at the American dream, and it would make our country stronger. There is no better way to encourage crime in a population than to oppress them financially and force them into occupying a lower socioeconomic class.

I'm also critical of those who are part of the English-only group. English is my native language, but I'm not afraid of adding other languages into our culture as well. Those who believe their own languages are superior are simply racists.


Anonymous said...

I am not afraid of other languages, but you don't come to live here and expect me to learn your language. You learn mine. If you want to stay in America and participate in this society than learn English, period. If I move to Mexico, or Germany, or anywhere and plan to stay there, I would learn their language. I wouldn't expect 200 million people to change for me.

Also, we need to open the doors to the European Nations. The immigration from those countries have been slowing since the 60's, we need to open the doors to them.


Pro Inmigrant said...

Hi David,
I appreciate your comment. My native language is English, my foreign languages are Spanish, Italian, Portugues and German.
Regarding expectations why when we traveled to other Countries we expected from them to speak our language (English) and we don't want do the same. Are you being to Disneyland lately. I will recommending you to make a trip and feel like you are at home. That's what make the world happier. You will see different ethnicity, speaken different languages but everyone enjoyed to their limit. Enjoy life and change your curse of your ship David.

Pro Inmigrant said...

Ooops David, I forgot to mentioned to you that English is not the native Language and I would love to learn the language of the real native Americans. I will be so proud of.