Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Voters say 'yes' to immigration measures

Ty Young
Nov. 7, 2006 09:33 PM

Arizona's four immigration propositions are passing, so far claiming more than 70 percent of the vote with 70 percent of polls reporting.

Proposition 103, one of the more controversial measures on the ballot, seeks to make English the state's official language. It calls for all government action to be conducted in English, although there are numerous exemptions, such as legal proceedings. Bilingual ballots would not be affected because of federal law.

Proponents of the measure said it was an important symbolic move, designed to show the value of the English language in the state. Opponents called the measure unnecessary considering governmental business is already conducted in English. With the numerous exemptions, there would be few practical effects, opponents said.
Well, this is what i believe xenophobic and Irrational common sense legislature.
What would you do if other Countries will do the same? Just being a bunch of xenophobics wont make you more inteligent.

Another controversial measure, Proposition 300, aims to ban undocumented immigrants from using state funds for adult education and childcare. Opponents said students of undocumented immigrants would suffer because they cannot benefit from in-state college tuition.
Again another xenophobic measure that attack the Latino Comunnity. Why have to pass this meausure when you need to provide a legal documents to apply for this benefits.
What a waste of money and time.

Two propositions would have an immediate impact in Arizona courts. Proposition 100 would prevent illegal immigrants from receiving bail, thus stopping them from fleeing the country before trial.
Another political incorrect measure. The illegal, legal, citizen must be paid the bail base on judge criteria and nobody has a benefit from the goverment to do so.
Bail must be paid in court with their money and not goverment money.

Opponents say illegal immigrants would be further targeted by unreasonable rules and bail amounts. Proponents said the measure was necessary to keep criminals from escaping punishment. Again how do you make this happen?? many trafficants, drug dealers paying they own bails.

Proposition 102 aims to end illegal immigrants suing for punitive damages, limiting their awards to actual damages. The legislature put the proposition on the ballot in hopes of protecting Arizonans from being subjected to large-scale cash penalties. Opponents claim the measure exempts businesses from caring for employees hurt on the job.