Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Minuteman Fiasco. Chris Simcox calls Patriots a Pricks. MCDC so desperate for money as to waste this much time over $50.00 it has no legal right to keep.

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From: Brenda
To: Name Withheld
Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2007 10:04 AM
Subject: Re: Registered (certified?) letter never arrived

Just following up. Please let me know if you don't receive the 'refund' check.
Brenda Chiles

Then following message.

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Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 1:53 PM
Subject: Re: Registered (certified?) letter never arrived


Thank you for your response, again.

As of Sunday, August 5th, I have not received my money or any notice of any attempt to deliver it. If the original date of July 20th was the date sent, it has been over 2 weeks. If July 24th, then today makes it 2 weeks. In either case, it should have only been 3 days.
If it was in fact sent "registered" there should be a way for the USPS to track it based on the number. I personally believe that it was never sent. If it was I'd expect you would have provided me with the USPS article number so we both could try to find out what happened.

The simple solution would be to simply Paypal the $50.00 to my email address. It will cost me about $1.75 to do this (Paypal fee) but will save us both a lot of time. There would be no cost on your end and it would put this issue behind us, however I'd expect you to be willing to pay the fee for a couple reasons: 1) wasting my time responding to emails about a subject that should have been taken care of over a month ago by the local leadership and 2) I should not be forced to pay anything to get MY money back that MCDC has absolutely NO legal right to keep.

It should be no problem to do this if you truly want this issue resolved.

I expect the money to be in my Paypal account within 24 hours. I'm through being jerked around. Failure to have my money (not a "check") in my possession within 24 hours will force me to take the first step of many by filing a mail fraud complaint with the Omaha area Postal Inspector's office naming you, Chris Simcox, Gary DeLancey, and Mike Narducci as direct, knowing, and willing participants in the crime.

What does it take for you to take me seriously?? Will official notification of a federal criminal complaint be enough to get your attention? Is MCDC that desperate for money as to waste this much time over $50.00 it has no legal right to keep?? Is your time worth nothing because you are a volunteer? What will it cost in time and legal fees to simply answer an investigational inquiry from the Postal Inspector's office?

This will only be my first step.

You and MCDC have already made it abundantly clear to me that you think my time is worth nothing. $50.00 pays for an infinite amount of time at that rate. That being the case then I will have no problem spending large amounts of my worthless time to cost you and others at MCDC large amounts of your time as well as legal fees.

Name Withheld


From: Brenda
To: Name Withheld
Cc: Maureen Otis ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 2:04 PM
Subject: Registered (certified?) letter never arrived

Again I will see if I can find out what has happen.
Please give me today to contact our accounting firm concern is Refund Check.
Chris, Al and Carmen, all want this to happen, so I will follow up and get back to you Tuesday Aug. 7th, 2007.

Thank you,
Brenda Chiles
National Membership Director


To: Brenda
Cc: Maureen Otis ; ; ;
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 4:06 PM
Subject: Re: Registered (certified?) letter never arrived


If they wanted it to happen it would.


22 hours left.

Cancel the check and stop screwing around.

I don't care if it has to come from a personal account and then they get reimbursed.

Chris Simcox Response.....................................

From: Chris Simcox
To: 'xxxxx'
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2007 4:29 PM
Subject: RE: Registered (certified?) letter never arrived

The check was sent overnight by UPS next day tomorrow, we had the original letter sent to you certified mail ,it was returned to us today because of a POST OFFICE mistake, I personally put it in next day UPS delivery, tracking number 1ZR3156W0113533301 it will be delivered to you before your 22 hour threat is up. What a joke. Now you can go back to hanging with your other prick friends, you are a joke and we are relieved that you did not make the cut to be a volunteer with MCDC, it's jerks like you who give the entire movement a bad name. Good riddance!
Chris Simcox



I received the check today. (see attached image) The check better clear.

I hope you are successful in your efforts to try to awaken America to the threats we face. I also hope you will humble yourself and realize that there are many others in this cause, and others, that would work with you if you can show that you can follow as well as lead.

You said it was a a POST OFFICE mistake but as you can see in the scanned image there was no postage paid. Is that their mistake? The check memo says "Refund for duplicate payment" but that is not accurate either. It is a refund of my ONLY payment.

Your attitude in your response to this issue (below) is a perfect reason why I CHOSE not to join MCDC. You say I "did not make the cut" when the FACTS are that your local people dropped the ball, didn't communicate, and it took a month and a half for me to hear from anybody. I let the local chapter director know I changed my mind and two weeks later Brenda emailed me looking for missing info on my application. Anybody that knows me knows I am a pitbull when I decide to go after an issue and can be a great ally or your worst nightmare. I've been fighting for liberty since long before you ever came on the scene.

Have you ever made Sarah Brady go speechless with a single question at one of her press conferences and caused them to shut it down? Can you say that you are personally responsible for killing a proposed semi-auto ban or other legislation in your state? Nebraska has not had one single piece of anti-gun legislation proposed since I educated our legislature. Over 12 years ago! Have you personally been responsible for preserving the liberty of others?

You say "jerks" like me give the entire movement a bad name yet you can't admit the fact that you have done more to damage the credibility of the movement by your actions than any ten other people involved in it. One example is using Ramos and Campean for fundraising without the families' permission. Did they get any financial aid from MCDC's proceeds?

You say I'm a joke yet you obviously don't truly think so or you would not have gone to the trouble to meet the deadline.

As for my "prick friends" as you call them, do you believe you are clairvoyant? You don't know my friends, have no idea whom I go "hanging with," and probably would quickly be seen for what you are if you showed up. My friends recognize honest people.

I will continue to work with anybody willing to work with me to do what I can to secure this nation and preserve the liberties of ALL Americans. Yes, even you after your insulting tirade. You have a right to your opinion no matter how wrong you may be.

Again, I wish you well in your efforts to secure our borders. Keep in mind that there are many others just as dedicated, or more so, that are involved and a concerted effort always works much better than a splintered one.

xxxxx xxxx

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SoCal Minuteman said...

Minutemen and Women,

It is good news that Chelene Nightingal is stepping down from organizing public events for SOS. The SOS crowd is nothing but a racist organization with a membership of mean, hate-mongering social maladroits. SOS has not conducted any rally in years, as more and more members drop out of it. Just like Jeff Schwilk’s gang (SDMM), Robert lil' dog Crooks gang (MM), Chris Simcox koolaide drinkers (SDMC) and the ALIPAC (William Gheen) fanatics who can’t stand anyone taking the spotlight from them on the illegal alien invasion issue. I also include much of Barbra Coe’s CCIR crowd in this category.

As long as we continue to let these loons speak for the immigration reform movement it is doomed to failure. They don't! Already, the mutual acrimony and hostility created by these crazies has caused our political leaders to consider our movement to be nothing more than a few “extremist kooks” and therefore, we are not taken seriously.

Jim Gilchrist, BAJ, BSBA, MBA, CPA(ret.) - Founder and President, The Minuteman Project, Inc.

- A multi-ethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group.

- Operating within the law to support enforcement of the law.

- The power of change through the power of peace.