Monday, October 01, 2007

My letter to Mr. Walter and his response.

Hi Walter, This is a link for Mr. Walter moore website.

Thanks for stooping by to our blog but unfortunately we do not have any intention to lie about you or anybody.
Those are posted from most of yours supporters. We are not political associated to any party.

Check this link..

And look into this link where Mr. Glenn Spencer stated that he donate not $ 90,000 know he would donate $ 100,000 to your campaing.

We love to receive a constructive criticism and we believe if you are pursuing a political career you should stand for your beliefs and be careful of associations that will utilize you for other purposes.
And regarding to Glenn Spencer; You should be looking at this link.

So Walter I do not understand where I am lying about you. The platform is posted on your website.
The $ 90,000 donated to your campaing from Mr. Glenn spencer is posted on his website.
The recommendation from who's Glen spencer is there by SPL Center.
So where's that I am lying about you?.

I am making this material available in our efforts to inform the public and those opinions expressed on this blog we are not responsible for their reflection. That information is for educational purposes whithout any intention to profit such we believe constitutes a fair use.

If you believe this is a misinterpretation of facts or missrepresent your belief, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the meantime we will deleted the post until you forward the missinterpretation and lying about yourself.


Proinmigrant Administrator.

Walter Moore Response to my email..

Hi, Michael:

Here are the two blatantly false statements at your website -- as opposed to the less blatant but equally false statements:

1. My name is WALTER Moore, not MICHAEL Moore. Read my website. Heck, read anything.

2. Spencer did NOT say he would donate $90,000. Read it again. He said he would donate $100.

I don't mind honest disagreements, but such obviously false statements, well, they don't exactly enhance your credibility.

If we as a society are going to debate issues, let's start by getting our facts straight. That's all I ask.

And, if you want to be honest, you'll post this e-mail and my comment.

Walter Moore
Candidate For Mayor Of L.A.
Want to fix L.A.?
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