Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's ashamed that CNN has a good reporters (Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper) and a Bad Reporters (Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Jack Cafferty.) and given more support to the bad apples.

I believe that being an anchor news using the press doesn't give you an authority to impose one point of view. That's not a role of Ethical Journalism.

Even you have the duty and responsibility to inform the people of the pros and cons and not try to idealize the people by portraying that your opinion is that of the majority of your viewers.
If Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck criticized, diminished, depicting immigrants as criminals, murderers, rapists, terrorists, and a danger to children and families

That's just a pathetic, vile, ignorant and racist narrow minded statement.

It's time to retire Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck. Let's send a message to Join the Unemployment line with Don Imus.

I am hoping that Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck look at their path history and research at their Grandparents Immigration papers.

The Nativist Mariachi Lou Dobbs likened immigrant advocates to Nazi propagandists, prompting The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to call for his immediate dismissal from CNN. Dobbs hosts an opinionated news house and is a vocal critic of illegal immigration. But when he criticized San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, saying that he and immigrant protection advocates "might as well work for Hermann Goering,"--leader of the Nazi air force--but he apparently meant to refer to Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi chief of propaganda.

"Comparisons to Nazis, especially in this day and age, are abhorrent," HIAS President Gideon Aronoff insisted. "Dobbs has crossed the line between responsible television commentary and hate speech propaganda of his own. Keeping him on the air is essentially sanctioning by CNN, which is why we're asking CNN to remove Dobbs from his very public platform."

CNN has not responded publicly yet.

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