Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Do you believe I.C.E. Raids are against Criminals or fugitives? or are single out just for their skin color?

When immigration officials "raided" 11 McDonald's restaurants "netting" 54 suspected Undocumented Workers. According to the Reno Gazette-Journal of the 54 arrested, 7 were deported and 8 were detained presumably for deportation. The remaining 39 were released after their arrest. One was a mother whose children were left at school while she sat in jail verifying her citizenship.

There are so many levels to why this is wrong. The "netted" 54 were arrested because of their skin color or their Hispanic appearance. When people are singled out because of their skin color this is racism. This immigration fervor has thrown our nation back in time. Or is it possible the time of judging people because of their skin color was never gone, but was only lying in wait. The sad thing is that the ugly head of racism was raised so easily. All it took was a couple of cable TV hosts, talk radio, and the internet to strike the public's dark side.

Why is this happening? In the bible, book of 1John, we are warned of the "antichrists" and the "antichrist." Ancient words to describe those without love, those that divide, those that rise fear and promote injustice among the masses. Cable TV, talk radio, and many internet sites are owned by large corporations whose sole purpose irregardless of the consequences is to pay dividends to their shareholders. Immigration fervor has hit the nerve of our nation's dark side resulting in increased ratings. Increased ratings mean increased advertising. Increased advertising means increased profits.

We should ask ourselves is our "immigration fervor" worth a child of an American citizen learning after school that her mother is in jail for no reason other than her skin color. We should examine those who gain the most from this or any debate. Follow the money trail. It is written "money is the root of all evil." When corporate media and its thirst for profits results in the kind of fear and injustice we saw in Reno last week we have only ourselves to blame.

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