Monday, October 29, 2007

ISU Hate Crime. Indiana currently has no hate crime laws.

Local police are investigating what they're calling a "hate crime" on a college campus.
A rope resembling a noose was confiscated at Indiana State University Thursday afternoon. It was found by an anonymous caller in a tree near Hines Hall.

ISU's Dean of Students met with the campus NAACP chapter, and immediately organized a meeting. This evening's meeting gave students and faculty a chance to talk about today's incident, and find out what is being done about it.

Officials notified local law enforcement and the FBI. If a suspect is found, the FBI will handle the case -- since Indiana currently has no hate crime laws.

Ebony Roberts, President of ISU's NAACP chapter, says, "I think it's a national trend right now, with everything that happened with Jena 6. And that's why I say it's bigger than us. It's so much bigger than Indiana State. It's bigger than IU, Purdue, it's bigger than the state of Indiana, and that's why something needs to be done nationally. If we can get Indiana started, we can make a difference."

"When something like this happens in the community, it makes our community less. I'm offended by it too. It's something that happened in my house, in my community.. that is unacceptable," says Bill Mercier, Director of Public Safety.

Students upset by today's incident can visit ISU's Student Counseling Center.

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DJK said...

Shoot, remove my last post..I didn't realize it had all sorts of hate language in them. I just want to point out all the Anti-White hate crimes that go untold...