Friday, October 19, 2007

Anti Immigrants groups accusing and intimidating Strong Immigration Leader Ricardo Juarez to be detained and interrogated about his legal status. Pathetic and unconstitucional beyond that ignorant and racist action.

Immigration rivals trade accusations of illegal status and intimidation tactics

Prince William County (Map, News) - The most vocal critic of illegal immigration in Prince William County suggested during Tuesday’s heated Board of Supervisors meeting that a leading supporter of immigration be detained and interrogated about his residency status.

Help Save Manassas President Greg Letiecq told the supervisors there are enough questions about Mexicanos Sin Fronteras coordinator Ricardo Juarez’s legal status to merit his detention and questioning on immigration violations.

Juarez said Letiecq’s statement was a calculated attempt to intimidate him and other immigrants who have rallied against “anti-immigrant” laws.

I have to laugh because it is absolutely ridiculous,” Juarez said. “They are trying to remove me to hurt the movement, but they are wrong. It is bigger than me, than any one person

Juarez has declined to make his status public because he represents both legal and illegal immigrants. He moved to Northern Virginia from Mexico more than a decade ago.

But Letiecq argued that Juarez’s status should be checked because he is a prominent voice in the debate.

“I think it’s worthwhile asking the question what his immigration status is if he’s an advocate for illegal aliens,” Letiecq said. “If I go to Mexico and I do what he’s doing, I would be thrown in jail.”

The county’s new illegal-immigration policy does not allow police to detain residents for such questioning, Board Chairman Corey Stewart said. A person must be suspected of committing a local crime, such as shoplifting or a traffic violation, before his or her legal status is checked.

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