Thursday, October 25, 2007

That Lou Dobbs is obsessed with Mexicans or La Senora don't get enough of Lou that he is joining the Minuteman Groups?

This country has its fair share of xenophobes and racists, some of which have made a name for themselves on cable news networks, where every non blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus fearing individual is subject to belittlement and allegations of being responsible from everything to gas prices to terrorism.

CNN's Lou Dobbs, however, is a different breed of bigot. Whether or not true reflections of Mr. Dobbs' own convictions or the work of a few savvy producers with a penchant for sensationalism (remember when Bill O'Reilly was on A Current

Affair and was "normal"?), Lou Dobbs is OBSESSED with Mexicans. I repeat: OBSESSED. And I actually do think the obsession is real, especially given the above photo of him with the "Minutemen".

At first it was kind of a joke: "Guess what Lou Dobbs' lead story is today...Uh, I don't know, the outsourcing of America to MEXICO? Our unprotected borders open to evil MEXICANS?" Later I realized that the subject of illegal Mexican immigration was even more common on his show "Lou Dobbs Tonight" than I thought. I think it's pretty safe to say that at least one of bigger stories each night is about illegal Mexican immigration to the U.S., if not more.

So, my question is: why just Mexico? Why not throw in Canada, Dominican Republic, China, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador or any other country every once in a while? Was Mr. Dobbs slighted by a Mexican girlfriend at one point and expressing his ire years later via cable news, or does he not know that these other countries exist? I'm stumped.

True testament to his obsession can be found in the transcripts of his show on He promote against Mexicans; Broken Borders, War against Middle class, and you name it. He mentioned many times Mexican illegal immigrants coming in to "take away jobs" in New Orleans post-Katrina and another about the "disturbing rise in the number of Mexican consulates" in the U.S..
Now I know why you joining the Minuteman Groups Lou..La Senora (Mrs.) can't get enough just a Minute man......That's why you taking your anger and frustation of no paraguas with Mexicans...

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