Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Splahhhhhhh, Frijoles; OOOPPS I mean Freeholders Republican Robert D. Clifton and Democratic Stephen Schueler knows county has no say on immigration but he wants to make a big deal out of it.

It is the season of political pandering. The best recent example of this is the recent declaration by Monmouth County Freeholder Robert D. Clifton that he wants Monmouth County to ban contractors who "knowingly hire illegal aliens."

According to a published report in the Asbury Park Press on Sept. 26, Freeholder Clifton followed that statement with the astute observation that the practice may not even be occurring. So then why do we need county legislation or policy to stop a problem that does not exist?

Answer: Because Freeholder Clifton is running for re-election and rather than present any substantive ideas, he wants to touch on a hot-button issue to inflame voters in his favor. He knows the county has nothing to do with immigration, but that won't stop him from trying to draw undocumented immigrants into his campaign. He does not care if he fans the flames of a divisive issue as long as he can get a few votes out of it.

The pandering was evident on the Web site of the Monmouth County Republican Committee, which recently promoted the Asbury Park Press article.

Almost as shameful was the response by Democratic freeholder candidate Stephen Schueler, who instead of pointing out the small-minded pandering of Freeholder Clifton, responded that his idea was "a good one."

If this latest instance is any indication, the voters of Monmouth County will truly have to hold their noses when casting their votes this year. One can only hope that in the final weeks we will be treated to a debate on more relevant issues

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