Monday, October 01, 2007

Apparently someone missed the point when we talking about Immigration.

I supposedly make two blatantly false statements rather than being called typo errors on my initial post.
Following my conversation with Mr. Walter Moore. I asked this question.
base on his requirements I posted the following response and question.

Hi Walter,

I posted my comments and yours as well but you didn't recognize your connection of Mr. Glenn Spencer who's had been criticized for being making Inflammatory and derogatory statements against latinos and hispanics.
So what's your response to that connection?
I appreciate your kindly and Honest response as trying to be a fair play

Walter Response:

My response is:

1. Thank you for noting and, I trust, correcting the two blatantly false statements on your initial post (i.e., misstating my name, and claiming Spencer donated $90,000, instead of the actual $100 figure).

2. Instead of trying to "change the subject" by (wrongly) calling people "racist," why don't you defend illegal immigration on the merits? Why don't you explain why the City of Los Angeles should prevent its police officers from enforcing the laws duly enacted by the Congress of the United States?

Name-calling an attempt to change the subject. Can you defend your position with anything else, or is that all you can say -- "racist?"

My response:

That anybody seeing that I played the race card or called anybody racist on this conversation??

You have a lot of work to do Mr. Walter specially on Professional Ethics and listening skills rather than move forward with sensationalism and emotions.
If you want a debate I will be more than happy to exposed and address your arguments.

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