Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Driver fined after bungled Canadian border bypass. Driver get caugh doing a delivery on a special agreement. Agreement to bypass custom borders??? special deliveries? We are talking about a secure Canadian and U.S. Border. Why do we allow those special agreement when we can't screen a driver thru the border? Why such agreement when we are a war against Terrorism? Why we have such agreement thru Canada and not thru Mexico?

Refusing to co-operate with Canadian customs officers can be costly, two men learned in Sarnia court on Monday.

Tony Lourenco, 46, of London, was fined $1,000 after he pleaded guilty to hindering an officer June 22 at the Blue Water Bridge.

The courier driver had made a delivery to the duty-free store beyond the toll booths and when he headed back, he entered the Nexus line, despite not having a Nexus card allowing for rapid processing.

When told he would have to go for a secondary inspection, he sped off toward that area, nearly hitting another vehicle and stopped just more than a metre from a customs officer.

Lourenco refused orders to turn off his van and get out, then started shouting obscenities until he was removed from the van.

Nothing of interest to the customs officers was found in the vehicle, but he was arrested for his behaviour.

There's an agreement between customs officials and drivers making deliveries to the store, but officers have no way of knowing a driver hasn't been to the U.S., the court was told.

A form is provided to drivers after a delivery, but Lourenco never showed it.

His was an extreme overreaction that endangered officers, said Justice Mark Hornblower, as he imposed the fine

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