Monday, October 01, 2007

Tancredo Iowa Causus support Lagging badly.
By Tancredo Watch.

A new poll of 500 likely Iowa Republican Caucus-goers indicates that Tancredo is failing to build any support there - despite the general weaknesses of the other presidential contenders, and despite the Congressman's heavy investment in money, time and (such as it is) prestige in the contest.

Tancredo is currently polling 2%, tied for second-to-last with Sam Brownback and beating only the other hapless Congressman in the GOP race: Duncan Hunter. Hunter is polling 1%.

Whether voters just don't like Tancredo, or whether his anti-immigration message has now been co-opted by the other Republican contenders (besides McCain, who supports a path to citizenship for current illegal immigrants) - either way, you have to wonder why Tancredo's continuing this exercise in futility at this point.

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