Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Could you Imagine your Grandchildrens paid their share for $ 700 billions?

My Son ask me why 700 billions? there is a lot of money. he said. I said yes,There is a lot money. Could you Imagine that Money on your shoulders? He said no way is too heavy.
Well, We as Taxpayers, our Kids, Grandchildrens are going to paid for this mess. So we must take action against those predators who make profit against the will of the taxpayers, consumers (Legal and Undocumented), Citizens and Non Citizens.
The goverment can help and bail out corrupted corporations but not hard workers citizens and non Citizens who's loosing their houses, their Family dreams, their hopes and the hard work earning value.
As a Goverment are we follow the Constitution: We the People or We the Corporate America? Who's to be blame and accountable for this mess?

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