Friday, September 19, 2008

Fraudulent U.S. Passport and the dysfunctionality of the system.

Diplomatic Security Investigation Results in 112,Suspects Charged with Federal Passport Fraud

The Investigation Resulted in the Seizure of $650,000 and the Recovery of 80 Fraudulently Issued United States Passports.

The individuals charged included fugitives, military deserters, delinquent taxpayers, parolees, convicted felons, sex-offenders, habitual drunk drivers from over 20 countries. All wanted U.S. passports for the purpose of hiding from law enforcement authorities. Many of the individuals charged resided and worked in their deceased identities for decades, and in many cases their neighbors, employers, spouses and children never knew them by their true names.

Between July 2005 and August 2008, 112 individuals were charged with federal passport fraud and related offenses around the country. The government also seized three firearms, $650,000 in cash, one Mercedes automobile, and over 80 of the fraudulently obtained United States passports.

During their investigation, Diplomatic Security and FBI agents cross-matched computerized government death records with Department of State passport records. This process identified individuals who fraudulently applied for, and obtained, United States passports using birth certificates of deceased Americans. Continue reading here: FBI

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