Sunday, September 14, 2008

Will McCain will have the courage to change the curse of America?

The idea of linking McCain to Bush is, of course, sound. This is a serious business. Trying to make it funny is not the right approach. Stick to the fact that McCain is in fact running for Bush's Third Term, and you have some doubts it will reflecting on our future but the question it will be is. McCain would have the courage, power and desire to change the curse of the Conservative Republicans and Bush Legacy.


harrispaul333 said...

yes..Mc cain have a courage to change the curse of america...
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Pro Inmigrant said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for stopping by and have the courage, belief and hope in Mr. McCain; But he will need and require more than just courage to do not let the Titanic go down.
It will Require real changes, vision, courage, structural of values and action rather than just hope and promises that never happen within the Bush (Republican)Goverment.
The rich get richer and the poor is getting poorer.
Sounds familiar to you?