Thursday, September 04, 2008

ALIPAC and their solution to their Moral Crisis. Lies

One of the most militant groups opposing legal immigration is an outfit based in North Carolina called “Americans for Legal Immigration PAC” or ALIPAC. But a posting on their web site shows that they are anything but in favor of legal immigration.


In an unscientific poll of subscribers to their web site, ALIPAC found that 83% of respondents want to reduce legal immigration, with almost 18% wanting to eliminate legal immigration altogether. See for your self:—.html

This group is like most others leading the anti-immigration movement. They like to say “Hey, we’re all for legal immigration, it’s just the illegal kind we oppose.” Boloney! The press and the people who are truly concerned about reducing illegal immigration should wake up and call them on this.

The only way we are going to seriously reduce the population of undocumented immigrants is by creating legal channels that immigrants will choose to go through rather than around, reduce visa backlogs that stretch in some cases to more than two decades, and create a mechanism by which law abiding immigrants can get in the system if they are here illegally, thereby weeding out people who are truly not welcome, like criminals.

The way we get control is to regulate reality, not by keeping legal immigration levels unrealistically low and clogged and hoping 12 million people will be forced out or otherwise disappear.

Of course, that type of argument, which is persuasive to the vast majority of Americans, is not going to move the ALIPAC’s, FAIR’s, Tancredo’s, or Dobbs’ of this country. They find the lack of viable legal immigration channels a bonus to their side because it allows them to rail against the illegalities. But in fact, illegal immigration is merely a target of opportunity in their fight to reduce or illuminate legal immigration.

You will see the telltale signs of ALIPAC mobilization on the comment boards of your local newspaper. Aside from fundraising, the ALIPAC website is a rapid response operation to drive anti-immigration advocates to stories where they can post their comments. Here is a ripe example of the thinking of these advocates, responding to a story about a U.S. Olympic gold medalist whose mother was allegedly undocumented:

He’s winning in the Olympics while tens of thousands more illegals are robbing, killing and raping as members of gangs across the country. I will gladly take an Olympic loss and save an American’s life any day. F the liberal media and what they are doing to destroy our country

Wow! Hating an American citizen who has won a gold medal for your country seems a little harsh, but that’s what these cats are about.

The next time you see them lurking, please challenge them about A) whether they really support legal immigration, B) whether they truly believe that we are going to force 12 million people out of our country, including the 7 plus million in the workforce (1 in 20 workers in the U.S. economy) while preventing anymore from settling here because we are building a big wall, and C) what kind of hallucinogenic drugs they are smoking, shooting, snorting or otherwise ingesting?

Will we’re at it, why doesn’t the Federation for American Immigration reform change its name to the Federation Against Immigration Reform, since, like ALIPAC, they are one of the main opponents of moving past our gridlocked politics and fixing America’s immigration system?

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