Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why so much hate against Undocumented Immigrants?

The Native Americans are not happy with the Goverment, the religious community is unhappy too, and we’ve earned a visit from the Human and Civil Rights Commission. How absolutely humiliating is for us as Americans.

And the Anti-immigration sentiment continue as a manifestation of fear, and only appears when American economic interests are unstable; when economic interests are secure, bringing in Undocumented Immigrants to work under conditions that citizens reject is considered beneficial to capitalism, just as slavery was 500 years ago. They so called Patriots, Nativist and Protectionist Americans descended from the original INVADERS, who thought it proper to slaughter the natives objecting to the disruption and thievery visited upon them by the "settlers.

Since the beginning of this unjust war against an innocent people who we now know had nothing to do with the events on 9/11. I feel betrayed by my own government. The government has lied to us repeatedly and continues to instill fear and hatred into our hearts. It has used this event to turn against our neighbors from Mexico who seek to live a better life. Fear has been carefully and manipulatively manufactured against undocumented workers and families. And we used 9/11 to turn them into enemies and Terrorists against of our nation when they are not enemies at all.

Homeland Security has become misguided in its mission to protect this country from terrorists. Instead it sees all immigrants as a sort of terrorist and encourages the citizens of this country to do the same. Hatred and xenophobia are at an all time high in this country of bountiful.

It was not so long ago, that America saw the horrors of one such dictator who marched across Europe, rounding up 11 million Jews, gays, and political opponents sending them to concentration camps to be gassed or tortured to death. The argument used: it was a war between Christianity and Judaism. We were in denial that this could happen. We are in denial that it is still happening in parts of our world today. Yet, this dictator used language of faith for his arguments and the religious people gave ascent because they were also fearful. Fear is a powerful tool for submission of the masses. Fear if not checked will crush a person’s or a nation’s spirit just like a dog who has been abused who comes whimpering at the call of its owner.

I pray for America’s repentance in its arrogance in thinking it is the world’s savior. I wants America’s people that will let go of paralyzing fear and embrace love and compassion for other nation’s people. I want America once again capture the vision of its integrity and dignity and respond from this core and not from deceit and shear military power. I hope that America will begin to understand that with great gifts and riches are also given great responsibility and accountability to the world community. That this abundance is to be shared not hoarded. Not doled out as charity where the poorer nations grow reliant on it or beholden to do our biddings, but shared in a manner that enables self-empowerment and development of emerging equal partners in the global community. I pray that America will turn from its domestic sins of racism, xenophobia, and corporate greed to enable all of its citizens; its people, its wildlife, its vegetation to thrive within its borders.

You tell me, is there any other avenue for LEGAL immigration. If one opposes all avenues for legal immigration, how can one be not an anti-immigrant? So how Lou Dobbs, Tommy Tancredo, Dan Stein, William Gheen, and the most Anti's they saying the are Pro Legal Immigration? Lies, Lies, Lies.

However, there are two points that American citizens have to acknowledge in good faith:

1.-Unskilled workers must enter legally and be on line? There is no line and not legal pathway to become legally as an unskilled workers. That is a lie and whoever upholds it is doing a disservice to the discourse on immigration and igniting the flames of hostility.
People who come here Undocumented have to save up for years to afford the passage, risk their lives on the border, risk their families, and then risk deportation once they get here. Do you think they would do that if there were a legal path for them?

2.-There are millions of Undocumented immigrants in this country already who have working for years and have become productive members of society. By some estimates there are about 12 million, perhaps probably less but the question is. Where that number coming from? Who counted every single Undocumented Immigrant? Are there 12, 20 30 Millions Undocumented Workers in U.S. as the Anti Immigrants and Lou Dobs claimed? Probably not. About 3/4 are working adults, thus, assuming the right-wingers had their way and they were deported, who would feel the vacuum? Are there 8 million UNSKILLED unemployed Americans? Look at the unemployment rate: this nation has one of the highest unemployment rates in the developed world. In fact, despite recent remorse in the economy, it is lower than it was during parts of the 90s.

In short, my fellow Americans, let's have a discussion that is grounded in reality. The decision the American people makes in the end will be the best ONLY if the facts are acknowledge. I cannot emphasize enough how erroneous the idea of Undocumented immigrants breaking the law because it is easier and they want to become unlawful and fugitive of the Laws. In our colloquial vernacular: THERE AIN'T NO LINE OR OTHER WAY FOR THEM TO LEGALIZE THEIR STATUS.

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