Monday, September 29, 2008

The Trader Game. The root, Cause and Effect.

As the Dow continues to plummet (down over 778 points at this point) due to the failure of the bailout bill, The Failure of the Banking Industry, I find myself wondering what this will mean for the people of America?. Investors game or trade game?.

While I don't own stocks myself, a plummet like this will affect me (and you) very soon. Add in the takeover of another bank (Wachovia, after the failure of Washington Mutual) and we all need to start looking at what this will do to our lifestyles.

Things are different now than in the 20's and 30's or either 80's or 90's. Very little is owned by people. Almost everything is owned by corporations. If you rent an apartment or house, a person may let you slide a bit on back rent. If a corporation owns it, no sliding will be possible. Many of us don't have the option to move in with parents or other family members, as they have the same problems.

Gas prices may be going down at this moment, Food prices continue high, And we are heading for a depression - that downward trend won't matter. If you don't have the cash to pay it, you don't have the cash.

Instead, I want to get the conversation going. What does today financial news mean to you and your family? and who's continuing playing the profitable stock game? The smaller is the stock price the most money the investor will make. Again the Richer get more Richer$$$$ and the poor get more poorer.

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