Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The great Wall of Shame.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say that those who want this fence don't understand the border, don't understand the sense of community.
Along the border, a string of opposition groups ranging from municipal leaders to private landowners continues to argue against the proposed project.

The project will continue despite the controversies and most likely carry on to the next administration. Both major presidential candidates voted as Senators in favor of H.R. 6061 in 2006 and remain committed to the project. The fence will be an important issue for immigrant communities – especially Mexican and Hispanic groups – which see the construction of the barrier with skepticism.
No Mexican official has met with the International authorities or commented on the situation. It is expected to change when the International Boundary and Water Commission provides information regarding this matter and grave concern regarding the U.S. entry into Mexican soil by 20 meters, an act which is, according to the plaques on the obelisks, ‘a severe penalty’ of international law,”

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