Friday, April 25, 2008

Why Nativists and protectionists poisoned the Immigration debate rather than a constructive solution to the problem?

For years Undocumented Immigrants has been accused that they are drained the Social Services like Medi care and Medi Caid but the big part of the equation that no one said anything is Health Care fraud.!!!!!!!!!! Why?.

I had been exposed several of Health care frauds ending up in Billions of dollars in taxpayers pocket expenses and scapegoating the Undocumented Immigrants.

The undocumented people are denied almost all benefits but, yet they are a huge contribution to the economy. The point is that Corporate America Is treating immigrants like slaves. Therefore segregation is not over.

So is not the right to live anywhere one wishes as long as one is peaceful human; right? Who is it to say those in power, those more bigoted or wealthy can tell another human where they are allowed to pursue happiness and peace. Deny welfare or medical benefits but work hard, paid taxes, get lower wages, then being persecuted, scapegoated, diminished and demonized.!!!!!!! Those are our Human Values?.

It's pretty clear that we need immigrants from a macroeconomic level, but we need a Humane comprehensive Immigration reform..

A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money," the late Senator Everett Dirksen is supposed to have said.*

And so it is today with health care fraud, a burgeoning crime plague that's adding up in a big way, big-ticket scheme after big-ticket scheme, essentially costing you money every time you walk into a hospital or doctor's office or fill a prescription, whether you know it or not. The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association estimates that this fraud collectively costs Americans between $60 billion and $100 billion a year. Ouchhhhhhhhhhh.

We're the primary investigative agency, with jurisdiction over federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid (both big targets) and private insurance programs, all the while working hand-in-hand with plenty of public and private sector partners.
Locally, our agents team up with their investigative counterparts on health care fraud working groups, task forces, and strike teams to tackle the biggest scams. Nationally, we have a Health Care Fraud unit at FBI Headquarters that helps support and coordinate field investigations and leads field-wide initiatives.

An anniversary, of sorts. It was 15 years ago, actually, that we ran our first major health care fraud investigation—"Operation Gold Pill." It involved about a thousand "professional patients" getting prescriptions for medicine they didn't need and having them filled at pharmacies that billed Medicare for much more than the cost.
The patients then sold the medication at a discount to dealers, who turned around and hawked it on the street or repackaged it and sold it back to the pharmacies—a full circle of crime.

Fifteen years ago this month, as the investigation came to a head, hundreds of FBI agents and other law enforcement professionals fanned out across the nation, making more than a 100 arrests and seizing more than $30 million in cash and assets.
By today's standards, that's pocket change. But soon, more resources came our way, and we were in the business of busting health care fraud full-time.

A million ways.... Today, the schemes are more complex, more time-consuming, and more costly than ever. "There's literally millions of ways to defraud health care," our Associate Deputy Director Joseph L. Ford told reporters this week. "They come up with new ways every day." Just a very few examples of what we see:

Hospitals, doctors, pharmacists, and other care providers submitting fake bills for services never rendered—or overcharge;

Service providers charging insurance for unnecessary and costly procedures;

Doctors selling prescriptions to patients for cash;

Companies billing insurance for expensive equipment but providing poor substitutes;
Crooked docs enticing patients to visit their offices for "free services" or gifts, then stealing their personal information and using it to file fake claims

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