Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The case and testimony of passport and Identity fraud: Ahmed Ressam.

He Isn't a Latino or Mexican!!!!!!! Ouch but they want to build a wall against Mexican Border because it's the major corridor of Terrorists. Right Lou Dobbs, Tommy Tancredo?.

When Ahmed Ressam was caught at the Canadian-U.S. border, he was using a false Canadian passport with the alias Benni Noris. He was carrying fake identification with another alias. And investigators soon discovered he had entered Canada using yet another fake passport, from France. He had also manipulated Canada's asylum system by applying for political asylum at the border, knowing that the Canadian authorities would refer his case to another agency and let him stay in Canada while he waited for his asylum hearing.

Here are short excerpts from his trial testimony specifically dealing with Ressam's use of fake passports and how his terrorist network relied on them:

Q. What type of travel document did you use to get into Canada?
A. A fake French passport.

Q. What city did you go to?
A. To the city of Montreal.

Q. What happened when you arrived to Montreal?
A. Immigration stopped me.

Q. At the airport?
A. Yes. Immigration stopped me at the airport. At that time, I requested asylum.

Q. And how did you request -- how did you request asylum?
A. I provided them with a false story about -- to request political asylum. They kept me at their center there and then they let me go.

Q. When they let you go, what city did you live in?
A. I lived in the city of Montreal.

Q. How long did you live in Montreal?
A. From 1994 to 1998.

Q. How did you support yourself during that four-year period?
A. I lived on welfare and theft.

Q. What do you mean by "theft"?
A. I used to steal tourists, rob tourists. I used to go to hotels and find their suitcases and steal them when they're not paying attention.

Q. And what would you do with the contents of those suitcases?
A. I used to take the money, keep the money, and if there are passports, I would sell them, and if there are Visa credit cards, I would use them up, and if there were any traveler's checks, I would use them or sell them.

Ressam describes how a lieutenant of Osama bin Laden's asked Ressam to provide the group with Canadian passports:

Q. What country did you see Abu Zubeida in?
A. In Pakistan.

Q. He was leader of the camps?
A. Yes.

Q. Did you discuss anything when you met with Abu Zubeida on your return back to Canada?
A. Yes. He asked me to send him some passports, some original passports if I had that he can use to give other, give to other people who had come to carry out operations in U.S.

Q. What type of passports was he looking for?
A. Canadian passports, but original.

Q. Did he tell you the names of the people he wanted those passports for?
A. He gave me some of the names.

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