Thursday, April 03, 2008

American Legion Honors Lou Dobbs with Award? The Mariachi drummer Lou Dobbs.

Populist anchor news a true American Patriot?. Apparently The American Legion did not researched the Patriotism of Lou Dobbs

The nation’s largest veterans organization honored CNN anchor Lou Dobbs Wednesday for “his coverage of illegal immigration and his support for the U.S. military.

The American Legion awarded Dobbs the “National Commander Public Relations Award.” Previous recipients include Las Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton, and former NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw.

Lou Dobbs is a true American patriot,” said Marty Conatser who heads the American Legion. “His compassion for America’s veterans and support for the U.S. military is clear to the viewers of Lou Dobbs Tonight. Lou has been a tireless and true leader in the fight against illegal immigration. America would be better off if lawmakers would heed his common sense solutions to serious problems that this nation faces.”

What kind of Jokes is this? Lou Dobbs supporting and have compassion for our troops? a true American Patriot? American Legion a conspiracy theory on Immigration?

Never mind he was honored an award for his coverage of Illegal Immigration

OOOPPS They forgot to said the Mexican Illegal Immigration right?

Lou Dobbs a True American Patriot? I do not think so. Did you?

I will be exposed the Patriotism from Lou Dobbs and how pathetic he is.

He said " I began wearing a flag pin after September 11, 2001. I do so out of respect for those killed in the terrorist attacks, and in recognition of this country's war on radical Islamist terror.

Lou that reflection doesn't make you an exception to the rule of pathetic. Why did you started wearing the pin after the Sept 11?; So that's mean that you do not have a respect, pride, dignity, and values for the soldiers of World War I, II, the people died on OK bombing, the soldiers in Iraq, for the History of America and many other citizens killed for fighting for our freedom?

Wearing a flag pin a won't make you a higher order of patriotism either less. It's just a symbolic action.

Or even if you consider as an ethical theory to your statement I haven't seeing you trying to recover moral values for American Citizens either being a preeminent voice for Veterans.
Or you just want to expose yourself as an Archetype with tendency as personality traits.

Know days everything has a portion of Poison even the news. Right.

He just want to be populist and bigotry journalist. Lies flying out of his mouth. Thanks for lying to the American people.

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