Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am hoping that we can found out our Human and civilizated side. How closed are you from your God? We are losing our Human Values amongs ourselves, Respect for life, dignity, Values.


Symsess said...


This is truly sick and twisted. I'm actually vegan and wondered if you were too after seeing you posted this. There is such a disregard for life in general in this world.

Unfortunately I can't really watch it. I'll want to crawl under my desk and weep, but people do need to see how inhumanely animals are treated.

Thanks for posting it,

Pro Inmigrant said...

Hi Symses,

Unfortunately, I wasn't there to prevented this outrageous and inhumane treatment happened to those poor indefenses Animals.
The reason I posted this video is exposed to some of my viewers to change their ignorance for their Humane side. I am pro Life, Pro Humane way of living, Pro Justice, Pro active to Things worst happen.
to simplying who I am in small words a Humane being fighting for a human way of living for all.