Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hot Topics on His Panic Blogs.
Working together for a common cause: The American Dream, Justice and Human rights for all.

Dee at Immigration talk with Mexican American exposing the false accusations to Hispanics Students.

Ctizene Orange exposed know your rights in case of ICE raids.

Damm Mexicans exposed the ignorance goes beyond reality for the Anti Immigrants. Crazy.

American Humanity exposed el Loco anda suelto. Sheriff Joe Arpaio is obssesed at Mexicans and Latinos. His behavior is not only reprehensible, but it’s irresponsible.

Illegal is illegal exposed a Dream deferred. The denial of opportunitties for their American Dream.

Immigrant List reported that John McCain admitting that the harsh immigration rhetoric has hurt the Republican party.

The Unapologetic Mexican exposing the bill past due.

Counterpunch exposing the Anti Immigrant Hysteria and the Anti Immigrants in America.

Building America together. Let's make a change once in our life. sign the pledge
that "We Must Build America Together ".

Citizens against Hate exposed the War of Word: The Invisible Opportunity.

Causa Oregon exposing The Alipac, and the Anti Immigrants groups sharing egg on their face.

Fronteras discussing What does mean to be Highly skilled?.

War on Racism exposing Racism in our modern world. White supremacist gets life for killing 7-Eleven Clerk. Which 7-11 does have nothing to do with 9-11 !!!!!!!!!.

Latino Pundit acknowledge Latinos and their Jewish Heritage.

Vivir Latino exposing the role reversals: White collar day laborers.

State of Opportunitty discussed Oprah and the "Salt Retention Slavery Hypothesis.

Save Darfur from Genocide. Tell Investment Firms to Stop Investing in Genocide. Is your Mutual fund funding genocide?

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