Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What part of Law they do not Understand? The punishment doesn't fit their crime. By Michael Vargas.

Why Society, Politicians, News Media are talking about an Immigrant breaking the law searching a better life. They called Criminal, Lawbreakers, Offender, Illegal Aliens,Violators, rapists, murderers, Infested, Invaders, etc,

What bothers me; It's when someone in our Society breaking the law committing a worst crime they do not attempted or covers the eyes and ears to punishment them as well as the Undocumented. Where are those Moral values? and Why? We are not Human beings before being under the rule of Law in our Society?.

A person who is driving a 105 mph in a 30 mph zone. They called A Driver. There is a Law breaking at that point. Why? Read Here:

A person impersonating a police officer and robbed other Motorists. The Media called Impersonator but not Criminal or Law Breaker. Read Here:

A person stealing the Identity of Co workers to secure Loans. They called Former Employee but not a Thief, Criminal. Read here:

Look at the comments from the Secretary of Michael Chertoff.

Operation Wagon Train. People caught been in the Country Illegaly.
Secretary Chertoff: No, no, everybody was charged administratively; 65 of them have also been charged criminally. So everybody gets charged — everybody who was arrested is charged as an immigration violator, but then a subset of those who actually are accused of committing a criminal offense are charged with criminal charges. That number may change. Some of the people who are in the administrative category may also get added to the criminal category.

A former New York prosecutor has admitted in court that she had rape and sex with underage boys.
They called ex Prosecutor but not Rapist, Child Molesters, or Criminal. Read here:

Even Society taken the Law on their own hands. Sex offender body found burned and beheaded. but they found no criminals, no suspects, or Motive? Where are those Moral Values? Read Here:

Searching for sexual offenders it is an invasion of their right to privacy

"It's the Constitution of the United States but when we talking to searching for Undocumented Immigrants is the Immigration Law not their Constitutional rights. Why? Read here:

Check this one: A suburban Chicago man was charged Monday with possessing an illegal toxin found in puffer fish. Tetrodotoxin is a poison so potent the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says it can "produce rapid and violent death." It is 1,200 times deadlier than cyanide. Even this person claimed to be a doctor using someone else Identity. Why Society, Media and anchor news do not treated the Human being by fairly and balance news? Read here:

Image an Undocumented Immigrants with a possesion of this Toxin? I can't imagine Tommy Tancredo words.., The News Media, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Rilley, Minuteman groups and Politicians. That's sad and ashamed. They are only seems the Undocumented Immigrants as the criminal, the Lawbreaker, the rapist, the drainer, but not the hardworker, the human being, the taxpayer, their Community support, the Member of the Society. That's ashamed.!!!!!!!! Why Bashing Hispanic Community?

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