Thursday, July 03, 2008

No One will replace my Father.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yousefe-Talouki is currently being held in North Las Vegas Detention Center awaiting deportation to Iran. He has a son in the USA who needs his father. Zak has not committed any crime.
Zak is a law abiding, decent person and has an American son who also has the right to have a relationship with his father. There is no reason that the USA must end the father-son relationship by unneccesarily deporting Zak. There is no reason to keep him detained in jail, either. Jailing and Deporting Adam's father is not helping the United States and is only hurting a small boy.

Just the simple fact that he has committed no crime violates the Genova Convention and its truly sad and ashamed that the Goverment do not see the compassion torned apart kids from their parents.

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