Wednesday, July 02, 2008

John McCain Uniter or Divider for Latin America?
By Proinmigrant

If we ask ourselves if John McCain is united? Obviously Not. No. We are building a WALL on one side of the Southern Border, the “TERRORIST” are coming in from the NORTHERN BORDER.
We are building a WALL right in front of you as a person, a human being, as an AMERICAN.

No we are not United as a Nation, because the VOICE OF THE NATION wherever that is or whenever it is heard is leaning on the only tower left “RACISM” because without RACISM the United States would be one, and one voice. But by selling racism in the form of a FENCE, a Wall or Immigration Enforcement on the Federal and Local level, or “BY REMOVING ATTORNEY GENERAL” when it comes to anything related to the Government and the law of the land.

No you are not United, and are willing to STAY THE COURSE because if you don’t someone is going to JAIL.

If John McCain doesn’t win, he will let his Senate seat go, because there is too much hot water in the kitchen and he won't handled anytype of minor burns!

John McCain is a divider, when he could have been a uniter. But he has taken the stance of “winning” at the expense of Hispanics, Latinos, God Childrens, Secure the Borders, constitutional, and any means necessary.

So if and when Barrack Obama wins, I would just let the Republicans and all their 50.1 plus Cheney, Tancredo, Steve King, Jeff Sessions sink in their own UBoat, UVOTED for them.

The only thing America got out of the Republicans, is a lot of boys raped, Viagra, War, Racism, Anti Immigrant Sentiment, Hipocrisy. Oh I’m sorry, an attempt to define that marriage is between a man and a woman, and a girl or in most Republicans case a boy! That’s it!!!!!!!! No Human sentiment, No Compassion, No tolerance to the Other.

I understand Mr. John McCain these are God childrens... just because they are here Illegaly. Well Obviously not, When “ SECURE BORDERS, ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT OF 2007″ was all about putting 4.4 billion dollars “1 dollar for every one mexican american” in a border security account for “no bid corporate america” to make money on the exploitation of immigrants alike.

It’s Title he might get a clue as to what “Comprehensive Immigration” meant to John McCain. Secure the border first then we will talk about God Childrens.

So is that why Sherriff Joe Arpaio can have his “clandestine” immigration sweeps across Maricopa County as though he is a FBI / CIA / Secretary of Homeland Security, “commissioner of immigration and naturalization” and at the time of any arrest he has the right to demand a legal “ATTESTATION” of your citizenship or natuarlization.

By the way where is the Asian undocumented workers “audit of attestation”?
By the way where is the Canadian undocumented workers “audit of attestation”?
By the way where is the Chinese Undocumented workers " audit of attestation" ?
By the way where is the Indian Undocumented workers " audit of attestation "?
By the way where is the European Undocumented workers " audit of attestation "?

So we are to be just “1865″ GOD’s children to think that it is only the Latino, the Mexican, is here that is here illegally?.

It’s our fault that we allowed this to come to pass! We allowed our legislation and our judicial leaders become silent in their due dilligence when it comes to the law. Sherriff Joe Arpaio isn’t our Federal Agent “Elliot Nest” out there getting the bad guys, he’s exploiting the color of skin for his ratched up forced “attestations.
for “GRANT MONEY” to continue his midnight operations on Maricopa County.

Let's get straigh answers Mr. John McCain Hispanics, Latinos they had been suffer enough crime, bigotry, Racism, being demonized, being scapegoated from America.!!!

Shaking hands with Latinoamerican Presidents won't solve those problems.
Human beings needs Human solutions.... Where is your Humane Solution to God Childrens.?

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