Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We will not tolerate illegals in this county. Said John R, Leopold. Shame on you Mr. Juan Roberto Leopoldo. I said so Proinmigrant

As I always said Tolerance has been crucial assessment on the Immigration Debate. There is not tolerance to the other, The Undocumented Immigrant, even we see in every raid that ICE feel so proud to caught undocumented Immigrants when many of them do not have any criminal record but real criminals are loose on the streets.
I said Enough is Enough.. What really bothers me is that their punishment will not fit their crime.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are causing so much pain to children's torn apart from their parents; Why choose Children's to suffer?

The cousin of the one of the 46 illegal immigrants arrested Monday in Anne Arundel said his relative was not a criminal, but he was in the country illegally.

His baby will have no daddy. It’s like so many Spanish children with no mother and father,” said Melsar, who gave his first name because he too is wanted by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

ICE executed warrants at 16 properties, owned by Robert Bontempo, including his company Annapolis Painting Services, arresting undocumented people, including Melsar’s cousin, Jose Ruiz, and seizing documents, computers and property.

Several of the 36 men and 10 women, many of whom worked for Annapolis Painting Services, will be deported to their home countries, which include Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nigeria, officials said.

We prioritize our cases based on how egregious they are in nature, and this one was very egregious,” said Scot Rittenberg, assistant special agent for ICE in Baltimore City, referring to the large number of arrests.

Some detainees were released because of certain circumstances, such as being a caregiver, Rittenberg said.

ICE worked with Anne Arundel police, which has an officer permanently posted at ICE’s Baltimore City office, during the 18-month operation.

We will not tolerate illegals in this county,” said County Executive John R. Leopold, who has taken a hard stance against illegal immigration through policies, such as voiding contracts with companies that hire illegals.

Rittenberg said the arrests came after an investigation sparked by a tip that Bontempo was employing undocumented workers. Surveillance revealed that Bontempo was housing the illegals, officials said.

The Anne Arundel Health Department, which monitors residential occupancy compliance, said it received no complaints from the three Annapolis addresses released to the media and raided by law enforcement.

Record of business

Annapolis Painting Services has done work for the Maryland State House and U.S. Naval Academy, as well as Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold and Rams Head Tavern and Chick and Ruth’s Deli, both in Annapolis.

Bontempo is licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission, a division of the state Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation.

His license is set to expire in January, according to the commission.

ICE — not the commission — regulates the use of illegal immigrants by licensed contractors, said commission Executive Director Steve Smitson.

But contractors are informed of state and federal immigration law as part of the licensing process.

“It’s one of the subjects tested on the licensing exam,” Smitson said.

Bontempo has had no reported complaints against his license, officials said.

Bontempo, who is known to own several properties in the Annapolis area, has not been arrested, but could face felony charges, said county Police Chief James Teare Sr.

Bontempo could not be reached for comment.

At three houses where search warrants were executed, the residents wouldn’t speak to reporters.

One of the houses on Carrs Road, where an Annapolis Painting Services truck was parked, had a “No Trespassing” sign posted.

At another house on Harbor Drive, the doors showed evidence of being kicked in during the raid.

Pro-immigration groups, including CASA de Maryland, are holding a rally against the raids today at Hopkins Plaza in Baltimore City.

Community and religious leaders will condemn the separation of families and call on ... Leopold to cease celebrating the division of families,” said Jaime Contreras, district director for Service Employees International Union Local 32.

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