Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Suspects Bragged of Hatred crime..Gang Members of the Brothers of Blood beat to death two homeless.

Eric J. Snow and James S. Winquist were proud of their hatred. Snow had "Killa" tattooed on his neck. Winquist had "I Hate You" and "SS" on his forearm. They partied under a Nazi flag in Winquist's mother's basement. More than friends, police say, they spoke of themselves as "brothers of blood."

And when Snow and Winquist took baseball bats to a desolate former munitions bunker in Hingham and beat to death two homeless men in April 2005, they were proud of that, too, police say. They allegedly severed a hand of one of their victims and showed it off at a party, an act of twisted pride that ultimately helped authorities track down the men.

Yesterday, Snow, 25, and Winquist, 23, were arraigned in Hingham District Court in the killings of William P. Chrapan, 44, and David P. Lyons, 46. They pleaded not guilty, and Judge Patrick Hurley ordered them held without bail. If convicted, Snow and Winquist could serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Chrapan's father, Glen, who watched the men arraigned in court yesterday, called the arrest of Snow and Winquist "the best news ever."

"When they find them guilty, I'll feel a lot better," Chrapan said.

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