Sunday, September 16, 2007

The KKK joins anti-immigrant hate groups in Virginia. What a mixed of diversity but not from ethnicity or race is from Ignorance, Racists, Xenophobic, Haters, Fear mongers and Gun Toting's are these groups? FBI, I.C.E. let's start checking these groups before is too late.

The Ku Klux Klan has joined the anti-immigrant efforts of the Minutemen vigilantes and the "HelpSaveVirginia" hate groups in Manassas, Virginia and surrounding communities.

Early Sunday morning the residents of Manassas, located a few miles southwest of Washington D.C., woke up to find their mailboxes stuffed and their driveways littered with thousands of KKK anti-immigrant leaflets. One piece of literature read "End all non-White Immigration"

The state of Virginia has seen a number of nativist and racist organizations formed during the last few months. Recently, the "HelpSaveManassas" racist organization had its first public meeting at the Manassas City Council Chambers. Also, a number of Minutemen vigilante groups are now active in the region.

The KKK's participation in anti-immigrant activities and their distribution of hate propaganda brought terror to the local Black residents. The KKK was responsible for hundreds of lynchings of Blacks in the area. Gangs of KKK assailants would routinely assault Blacks, murder them and then hanged their bodies on poplar trees.

The joining of the KKK with the Minutemen also prompted the Mexican government to issue strong statements. Mexico's Ambassador in Washington D.C, Arturo Sarukhan, said, “The government of Mexico is aware that hate groups such as the KKK are now capitalizing on the growing expressions of xenophobia in the United States".

Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan added, "The government of Mexico will be monitoring the situation in Manassas in order to assure that the human rights of its nationals are respected regardless of their immigration status."

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