Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Minutemen vigilantes fear infiltration by the FBI Agents within they own organization.

The "Comite Por La Defensa Del Pueblo" has intercepted communications between the Minutemen that express concern that they have government "moles" within their ranks. One communique said, "There are probably a number of infilTRAITORS and moles in our movement." The communique added, "It is the same kind of FBI COINTELPRO stuff used against radical leftist groups back in the 60’s."
The communiques are in reference to the recent evidence turned in by a former San Diego Minutemen to the San Diego Police Department. Christie Czajkowski, a well known videographer, turned in some damning video showing members of the Minutemen criminally vandalizing a Mexican worker camp in McGonigle Canyon in north San Diego. The video includes a segment which Ms. Czajkowski implies was the desecration of a "Virgen de Guadalupe" chapel built by the workers.
One of the communiques also says that Ms. Czajkowski is "Someone who is on the FBI or Homeland Security payroll. Her role would be to 'COINTELPRO' us out of existence. She could be a paid agent provocateur, in other words."

It is possible that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating the horrific hate murder of a Mexican migrant worker that occurred on July 2, 2000 in the same location as that of the vandalism at McGonigle Canyon. On this date the badly bruised body of a migrant worker was found along a dirt road in the canyon. The Mexican migrant worker had been dragged on his face behind a vehicle and dumped beside the road. Three days later, eight White juveniles savagely beat five elderly migrant workers in the same area. The dragging death was never solved but the eight juveniles were arrested and convicted for the beatings. Murder has no statute of limitation!

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