Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A wall thru the park and a huge gaps between a Southern and Northern Border.

When most of the Xenophobics, Racist, Extremists, Minuteman Members, Congressmans (Tom Tancredo, Steve King) and another pathetics like Lou Dobbs, Pat Buchannan, Glen Spencer, Jim Gilchrist, Chris Simcox wants to build a wall against Mexico borders people sneaking thru the Canadian Borders and with belongings.

Kiwi trucker busted in big US immigration scam thru the Northern Border.

The trucking industry says a shortage of New Zealand drivers is being made worse by promises of a higher income overseas.
This comes after a Kiwi truck driver sunk a major immigration scam which officials say allowed hundreds of foreign truckers, mostly New Zealanders, to illegally enter the US thru Canada.

The unnamed driver was caught sneaking across the Canadian border with an official letter saying he was waiting for a visa renewal to work for another firm.

But it was found to be on of at least 260 visas illegally supplied by a local politician.
Tony Friedlander Chief Executive Officer for the Road Transport Forum says the shortage of drivers is a problem worldwide.

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