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Where do you think are the most serial killers on this Country? Arizona; and you know what? They are not Mexicans either. They were 280 officers ($$$) devoted to just this two cases. What a fiasco for the tough Sherif Joe Arpaio and Loud Dobbs that stated months ago that Undocumented Immigrants bring crime and drainning the public services to his State. Another xenophobic and pathetic lie. ZASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. 280 officers devoted to these two cases. who do you think are paying for those officers? Do we really know the cost of the Sexual predators are incurred or we just blamed undocumented Immigrants because they do not have a political voice?

Online Chat Leads To Sex Misconduct Arrest

POSTED: 6:31 am PDT July 22, 2007
UPDATED: 12:24 pm PDT July 22, 2007

BUCKEYE, Ariz. -- A man from Washington state is accused of flying to the Valley to meet a 13-year-old girl he met in an online chat room, law enforcement authorities said.

Federick Schmidt, 50, was arrested by Buckeye police Saturday afternoon.

Police said Schmidt flew from his home in Tacoma to Phoenix to meet the girl.

He's being held on several counts of sexual misconduct with a minor.
Officers said the case remains under investigation.

Serial Killer on Jury Selection Begins In Trial.
No Trial Date Set Yet For Murder Charges

PHOENIX -- Jury selection began Monday and opening statements are expected Thursday in the trial of Mark Goudeau, a 42-year-old former construction worker accused of being the Baseline Killer.
Superior Court Judge Andrew Klein asked the first group of 14 prospective jurors whether they recognized Goudeau's name or face. Goudeau was in the courtroom at the time. All but one said no.

For months last year, Phoenix residents were on the lookout for the man in the fisherman's hat. They watched for the pencil-thin mustache, the dreadlocks, the cold black eyes.His face, as shown in a police sketch based on descriptions by those who survived his attacks, became the enduring image of an unprecedented summer of terror during which numerous serial predators roamed Phoenix streets. People were killed and assaulted during separate crime sprees attributed to the Baseline Killer and the Serial Shooters.

Nearly a year later, the man who police believe fits that sketch is going to trial. Goudeau will be the first of the three accused serial predators arrested in 2006 to face a jury.
"There's a significant sense of relief" that the cases are finally going to trial, said Mayor Phil Gordon.

"I don't know if any mayor could prepare themselves for the victims, the randomness" of the attacks, Gordon said. "It could happen anywhere. Unfortunately, it happened here."

Police arrested Goudeau on Sept. 6 as he was coming home from work. They say DNA evidence tied him to the sexual assault of two sisters in a neighborhood park in 2005 -- a case that was part of the police's Baseline Killer investigation.

Authorities later charged him with numerous other crimes, including nine killings, for a series of other attacks between August 2005 and June 2006 also attributed to the Baseline Killer.
DNA Evidence

Goudeau's trial in the sexual assault of the two sisters will see him face 20 criminal charges including kidnapping, aggravated assault and sexual assault.

The DNA evidence that prosecutors say ties Goudeau to the crimes likely will be the main point of contention during the trial.
Defense lawyer Corwin Townsend says he's skeptical of the forensic analysis by police. He said he'd like to conduct an independent test, but DNA technicians used up the original swab that they say ties Goudeau to the crime.Prosecutors argue that while the original swab was consumed, a DNA "extraction" from the police analysis is still available for independent testing.

The two victims also are expected to testify. While both now say they recognize Goudeau as their attacker, neither could identify him in photo lineups before he was arrested and his mug shot shown on TV.
One of the sisters previously identified another man.

Goudeau's wife, Wendy Carr, denies that Goudeau committed any crimes. If he was a serial killer, Carr said she would know."I think I would have noticed something," she said. "We're not just talking about one crime. There would have been a lot of things to notice."
From 2005 to 2006, Carr said her husband showed "no erratic behavior, no bloody clothes, nothing."
A trial date hasn't yet been scheduled for Goudeau's murder charges. County Attorney Andrew Thomas already has decided to seek the death penalty if Goudeau is convicted of those crimes.

Another serial Killers from Arizona.

Phoenix's other two serial killer suspects -- Dale S. Hausner, 34, and Samuel John Dieteman, 31 -- are scheduled to go to trial in April on numerous charges, including multiple murder counts.

Those two were arrested in August at the apartment they shared in Mesa. Police said they acted independently of Goudeau, blasting at people as they cruised through neighborhoods in a Toyota Camry.
Thomas plans to seek the death penalty against Hausner and Dieteman as well.
At one point, police said Goudeau, Hausner and Dieteman were on the loose and attacking people at roughly the same time. Although more than 200 people were killed in Phoenix last year, police said they'd never had to deal with two simultaneous serial killer investigations.

The news last summer of multiple serial predators shocked city residents and put block watch groups on high alert. Schools sponsored self-defense classes and neighbors went door-to-door handing out emergency whistles.
Many chose to stay indoors.
At the investigations' peak, police devoted about 280 officers to the cases. The city offered a $100,000 reward for information that would lead to the killers, and thousands of tips were pouring in.Mayor Gordon said he's confident that the men who put his city on edge are now behind bars.
But Goudeau's wife disputes that her husband was involved. She said she believes police were desperate for a suspect, and they wrongly targeted her husband.

She said it's shocking that the police "will take an innocent man down to wash their hands and say 'We're done. Let's get the tourists back in.'

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