Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Drunk Driver ex-convicted 15 times since 2003 killed an exceptional girl. Driving without license and with alcohol level concentration of .195 when the limit is .08. Previous conviction was from posses ion of controlled substance, Marijuana, Heroin, Methamphetamine and to retail theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Do you think This case should it be all over the media if he was Undocumented Immigrant? Of course but he is an American most of them feel sorry, that he needs support, he needs rehabilitation, etc. Where is Billy o'willy (Rilley)stand on this case? The Media, I can see how Hypocrisy, Xenophobia and ranting works in our Country.

By Deseret Morning news. Sarah Israelsen.Top comments by me.

The man driving the car that crashed Saturday in Provo, killing two passengers, has been arrested 15 times since 2003.
Benjamin Louis Shaw, 23, of Provo, is being held without bail in the Utah County Jail for investigation of automobile homicide and driving under the influence.
Police say Shaw consumed several beers before getting behind the wheel of a car that crashed into a traffic-signal pole at the intersection of University Parkway and 550 West. Four of Shaw's friends were in the car at the time of the crash.
Backseat passenger Stephan Sean Peery, 20, of Provo, was pronounced dead at the scene just after 5 a.m., and Ashley Ann North, 20, of Pleasant Grove, was taken to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where she later died.
Passenger Edward Cody Fairbanks, 22, of Provo, was in the back seat with the two others and was ejected upon impact. He suffered severe head and spine injuries, Provo Police Capt. Cliff Argyle said.
It's possible Fairbanks may be paralyzed from the neck down. More tests need to be done to determine the extent of the damage, however, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in 4th District Court.
Shaw suffered minor knee and back injuries. Another female passenger, 20, of Provo, who was sitting in the front seat, was not injured.
Shaw's vehicle was traveling westbound on 2230 North toward the intersection when it hit the north-west curb, Argyle said. Police said the car was traveling an estimated 70 mph. The driver lost control and the 1999 Pontiac Grand Am slid clockwise in the intersection until it hit the signal pole on the southwest corner, Argyle said.
No other cars were involved.
When police arrived, officers reported that Shaw had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, according to the affidavit.
Using a portable breath test, an officer found that Shaw's breath-alcohol concentration was .195 — Utah's legal blood alcohol limit is .08 — and Shaw told police he had previously had three beers before driving, according to the affidavit. Peery's family, however, said Monday they are not angry at Shaw."We don't want Ben to be facing criminal charges," father Sean Peery said. "Ben doesn't deserve to serve the rest of his life in prison. He's a good kid. He's struggling hard. Stephan's mother and I don't want him to feel responsible because he's not."The Peerys described their son as a great kid who loved sports.
"He loved football; anything with a ball," Sean Peery said. "He loved to make people laugh. He wasn't afraid to admit his faults — and he had some. He was a good kid. We're going to miss him."The five friends in the car had been at a party near Timpview High in Orem where several of them had been drinking, the uninjured passenger in the front seat said.
Shaw and the front female passenger, 20, were wearing their seat belts, but the three in the back were not, Argyle said.
The accident was a shock to family and friends of North, who described her as loyal and hardworking."Her life was exceptional," said Linda Allman, a family friend who has known North for years. "She was an exceptional girl. She always had a smile on her face, despite her troubles."It's a little uncommon for people to be held without bail, said Deputy Utah County Attorney Chad Grunander who handled Shaw's Monday morning bail hearing.
However, because Shaw has a pending felony case in 4th District Court for possession of a controlled substance, Grunander's no-bail request was accepted by the judge.Provo PoliceThe impact from hitting a traffic-signal pole is apparent on the vehicle that crashed Saturday morning in Provo, claiming two lives. A third passenger may end up paralyzed from injuries suffered in the crash. Shaw's previous arrests range from possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin to retail theft and possession of drug paraphernalia.He pleaded guilty in 2005 to illegal possession of a controlled substance and no-contest in 2003 to illegal possession of alcohol, according to 4th District Court records.
He also was wanted on a warrant out of Salt Lake County for driving on a denied driver's license,
Argyle said.

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Your 7:36 a.m. July 17, 2007 posting quotes, verbatim, from the front-page Deseret Morning News article by Sara Israelsen. You might consider giving her and the Deseret Morning News credit for their front-page article that you seem to have quoted in full and verbatim.