Friday, July 27, 2007

Letter to Michelle Malkin.

Dear Michelle Malkin,

Regarding to your column of Deportthemknow is just another example of Incoherent and pathetic xenophobia to create racism against Immigrants.
I am wondering where did you get those sources that the Immigrants are the main problem and they are the only ones who are committed serial crimes and developing a burden economic opportunity for the American Dream.
You are just another pathetic Xenophobic person who wants to be populist bigotry blaming Undocumented Immigrants for all the problems we have on this Country.
Just look at my reports I posted regarding sexual predators and crimes committed in our Country. By they way; those are facts. The sources and links are posted for everyone knowledge.

The statement on Townhall regarding Malkin:

Michelle Malkin makes news and waves with a unique combination of investigative journalism and incisive.

Investigative journalism? where are those sources that you had have compiled to reflecting accurate information about serial crime and sexual predators on this country. Shame on you for failing on the principles of Journalism.
You making an statement on your report deportthenknow that all Undocumented Immigrants are serial criminals. Apparently you haven't research the word Illegal. I just call them Unlawful or Undocumented Immigrants.
Not all Undocumented Immigrants are Criminals or, Sex Offenders, and they have less possibilities that will committed a serious crime than an U.S. Citizen.
This is a good report for your knowledge about serious crimes and who committed those crimes.
Another fact for you Michelle. Look at graphic on page 27. You will be shock.
you were mentioned about drunk drivers. Why you didn't commented about this case.

My fellow Americans, I do not have a problem to deported Criminals, sexual predators to their Country of Origin. My problem is that Xenophobics, racists labeled Latinos, Hispanics, Immigrants, Mexicans, Unlawful Immigrants as the most notorious serial killers in History of this Country and that Information is totally false and inaccurate.
Fueling more wave of Hate to Minorities (Undocumented Immigrants, Hispanics, Latinos, Mexicans) won't make you an exception of being Xenophobic and Racist.

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