Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another perfect example of how Hypocrisy and Xenophobia running against Latinos or Undocumented Immigrants in our own Country. Mr. Lou Barletta Blame them to gain popularity rather than focus on the real American values.
Answer to this Mr. Lou Barletta. This happen just in front of your noses. How can you bring back her mental and Psychology state of peace mind of this Innocent girl? That Outrageous Mr. Lou Barletta bringing Lou Dobbs to your State to make a national statement that Undocumented Inmigrant bring crime to your city. Shame on both of you to blaming undocumented Immigrant when the criminals, predators are in our own house, in our own family.

Just read this statemnet from Lou Barletta. Illegals got away from murder. Answer to this Mr. Barletta.... When can you show us the facts that how many Undocumented immigrants comitted a crime and how many Citizens as well?
Quote from Mr.Barletta: "I've been called the Grand Wizard of the KKK. I took an oath of office to protect and defend the people of my community. And they can call me all the names they want. But this is worth fighting for against Undocumented Immigrants. but what about your contituentents, the future citizens of your State?

Ex-city man sentenced for raping 11-year-old
JAMES CONMY 07/10/2007

WILKES-BARRE — A former Wilkes-Barre man was sentenced Monday to 14 to 28 years in prison for raping and having inappropriate sexual contact with an 11-year-old girl several times within a year.

Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. told Christopher John Peters his actions were “absolutely reprehensible” before handing down the stiff sentence. Olszewski could have ordered the 39-year-old to six to 12 years in prison, but went above recommended guidelines.
Other than Peters taking responsibility for his actions with a February guilty plea, Olszewski said he saw no other signs of remorse. That lack of remorse and the severity of Peters’ crimes justify the added prison time, Olszewski said.

Assistant District Attorney Jenny Roberts pushed for a stiffer sentence because of the numerous occasions on which Peters’ crimes took place.
Public defender John Donovan attempted to limit his client’s sentence at six to 12 years by telling Olszewski that Peters is a father of nine who does not have an extensive criminal history.
“I’m sorry. I know I have hurt a lot of people,” Peters told Olszewski before the sentence was handed down.

Police charged Peters, whose last address was Park Avenue, with fondling and having inappropriate contact with the girl beginning in the early part of 2006. The contact escalated into intercourse by the end of the year. Peters had sex with the girl up to five times, but claims he did not rape her.
What a shame on you Mr. Lou Barletta and this man that wants to be sentence just to a six years. Shame on the District Attorney if he will allow this to happen. He must be on jail for 20 years or longer because having a sex with a 11 year old kid is a crime.

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