Monday, July 16, 2007

SAD News; But this kind of news you will see more often do to the lack of opportunitty for the American Dream.
The only crimen that they commited it was fixing a blown tire. What a shame we looking back to old days. Where is the United Nation Stand for Human rights?. No sentiment, no compassion, no exception to the rule, no human Values.

Tulsa couple with U.S.-born daughters could be deported

Associated Press

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - A married couple who illegally immigrated to the US as teens could face deportation to Mexico, even though their four daughters were born in the US and have never been to their parents' homeland.
Wulfrano and Maria Portillo are both 31 years old. They separately crossed the border before they later married and had four daughters, who now are ages 6 to 12. The family lives in Broken Arrow.

The girls attend Union Public Schools in Tulsa and are considered US citizens.

Wulfrano Portillo works as a roofer and says he fears he won't be able to provide for his family if he and his wife are returned to Mexico. They say that if they are deported, they will take their children with them.
An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper reported the Portillos to federal immigration officials last month after he found the family trying to fix a blown tire on a vehicle on a highway near Locust Grove.

Wulfrano Portillo is awaiting a date for immigration court. The worse punishment he and his wife would face would be deportation

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