Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why are we remained Silent against Hate Crimes?.

Selma Goncalves, 20, was killed January 21, 2009 by an attacker in her Brockton apartment. Another woman was shot and is recovering and a third person, a 72 year old man Arlindo Goncvalves, no relation, was shot and killed by the attacker as he fled the woman's home. The attacker, Keith Luke age 22 of Brockton had set out on a mission of hate killings according to the police. He wanted to kill and many non-whites and jews as possible. According to Luke, his intended target after the murder of Goncalves was a synagogue in Brockton that was hosting a weekly Bingo game that draws hundreds. Luke was captured after a wild chase and shootout over three miles in the city of 90,000. Selma Gonsalves had come to Brockton a year ago from her native Cape Verde. Luke face multiple charges of murder and other charges.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.!!!!!!!!!!!

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