Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anti Immigrants responsible for Hate crimes? Yes or no?

Our anti-immigrant Politics, and many Anchor news dehumanizes the undocumented Immigrant as the “worst enemy" the way our military does during wartime; it lessens the burden of our atrocities on our consciences. This new racism equates "illegal immigrant" with "criminal behavior" and makes bigotry and HATE crime acceptable. For even the most bigoted amongst them like Lou Dobbs presenting false, unworthy, or knowingly tainted news, undermining the existence of journalism and correspondence credibility.

I can understand why people would have a problem with that. I can understand the arguments of people who believe there are more pressing concerns or the economy can't handle more immigrants. I don't agree, but I can understand. What I can't understand is dehumanizing, denigrating, diminished and demonizing undocumented immigrants, who are often taking one of the few opportunities to better themselves in the midst of the despair and ugliness of a world that often seems beyond broken.

Thus contrary to Federal regulations, U.S. Constitution, Civil rights statues and Basic Humanitarian rights in which the United States of America pride its itself and so vehemently upholds, stands for, and preaches around the World: It’s allowing within populist anchor news and organizations to outright violate the mentioned laws, statues, regulations, ethic, and procedural due process under the veil of unjust laws incompassed in the guise of the War on Terrorism in propaganda fashion.

I want to point out a couple of points what Lou Dobbs promoting on his segment Broken Borders and Border Security.

1.-Racism, Anti Immigrant Sentiment: Against a particular race, color, creed of people not only to those now labeled as Aliens/Illegal Immigrants of Mexican descendency, heritage and culture, but to those whom are Mexican American Citizens, Chicanos, or Hispanic Origin.

When Lou Dobbs speak of broken borders, and border security because of a terror threat from Al Qaeda, assimilates and associates two very different issues!! That of predominately Mexican migrant workers to this continent, and those of foreign Muslim Al Qaeda fighters. Thus a migrant people who come to work and live the American Dream and those foreign Immigrants with motives Terrorist.
This misleading, distorting, and twisting of the facts has expressively been sensationalized against the Undocumented worker as an Anti Immigrant sentiment.
This issues have been created a hostile, prejudice, fearful, and aggressive environment for a Hispanic race of people or those with Hispanic surnames in particular Mexican Americans, Chicanos, or just because looks kind a Mexican. See picture.

Lou Dobbs has polarized the Nation by sensationalizing the unjust laws, immigration reform, and blaming every social ill in the U.S. on the Mexican People as tough they are solely responsible.

Lou Dobbs has exploited and bashed the Mexican people for crossing the border. Which in itself is a minor offence? By, But not limited to discriminating, affiliating, associating, and profiling Mexicans, Hispanics, Latino people legal or undocumented with groups or organization of Terrorists implying that Mexicans could bring a Dirty Bomb. This is false and outrageous when the sons and daughters of Mexican descent are spilling their blood in the War WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq, and is in violation of constitutional rights. Thus creating an environment of hostility, anger, depriving freedom from fear of persecution and Liberty

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