Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lou Dobbs reported his madness, fear and bigotry against Mexico and Mexicans.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Flooding Costs Rises; University of Iowa Campus Flooded; Taliban Attacks on the Rise; Your Food Safety; Border Security Crisis

Aired June 16, 2008 - 19:00 ET


LOU DOBBS, HOST: Tonight tens of thousands in Iowa still unable to return to their homes. Floodwaters in some cities are beginning to recede tonight, but there are new concerns now for towns along the Mississippi River, as those waters are rising.
The shocking results tonight of a Congressional investigation into our broken borders after years of promises and billions of dollars, it's as easy as ever to cross into this country, especially from Mexico

SCHIAVONE: In a study that preceded the latest tomato scare, the Harvard School of Public Health found more than half of those surveyed only barely trust the food inspection process. More than half do not trust food imports from communist China and almost half don't trust foods from Mexico

The FDA reports the overwhelming majority of tomatoes consumed in the U.S. at the time of the salmonella outbreak were from inside the U.S., Central Florida and outside the U.S., Mexico.

How Schiavonne, Lou Dobbs and FDA found out Salmonella outbreak is from Mexico? When they had admitted there is no regular inspections or enough inspectors.!!

SCHIAVONE: Not only will they not reveal what the chain is, which wouldn't all of us like to know what the chain is. They won't even say what the region of the country was that this chain was located in, but they know they have this cluster of nine people that they feel they can now do a more disciplined trace back.

DOBBS: I've got to say Congress should be removing everyone at the top of the FDA right now. They should just be simply removed and get out of the way because they're not public servants. They're not acting responsibly or intelligently or effectively.

What in the world are they doing? Secondly, the idea that there is no inspector in the field either in Central Florida or Mexico, more than a week after this outbreak, a week and a half.
What!!!!!!!! That's your answer Lou blame Mexico for your arrogance and your ignorance...

SCHIAVONE: They don't have anybody in any farm anywhere because they say they just don't know where to go.

Another example how Lou Dobbs pandering and make waves of Anti Immigrant sentiment against Mexico and Mexicans..

it's as easy as ever to cross into this country, especially from Mexico.

A new Congressional investigation tonight shows what we've been reporting on this broadcast literally for years. That our borders remain virtually wide open, that our border with Mexico is wide open, and as Casey Wian now reports, undercover investigators had a more than 90 percent, 90 percent success rate as they tried to enter this country illegally.

Casey Wian relied on a GAO SECRET INVESTIGATIVE report performed on 2006.

Even the test with explosives or Radioactive Material were performed on the Northern Border. Why he didn't Mentioned Northern Border.(Canada)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): This is an undercover tester for the Government Accountability Office packing phony radioactive material and then smuggling it across unguarded sections of the U.S./Mexico border. The same GAO study of border security over the past five years found that even at legal crossing points testers were able to use fake ID to enter illegally 93 percent of the time.

GAO concluded that terrorists or other criminals could use counterfeit identification to pass freely through most of the tested ports of entry with little chance of being detected.

None of this Investigative report from Casey Wian mentioned Northern Border either Canada just Mexico.. Why?
Even they didn't took the time to read this Important statement on page 7

Safety considerations prevented our Investigators to performing the same assessment work on the U.S./Mexico Border as performed on the Northern Border. In Contrast to our observations on the Northern Border, Our Investigators observed

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