Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nations are out of humane touch. France wants Immigrants entering by professional reasons but not for Humanitarian or searching for a better life.

Apparently they forgot the Freedom, Democracy and rights for Individuals. I am hoping that France remembered the legacy of FREDERIC AUGUSTE BARTHOLDI.

PARIS – France's first immigration minister claimed success Thursday for his no-nonsense policy on illegal immigration, saying the number of expulsions increased 80 percent this year while the number of people living illegally went down.

Brice Hortefeux said he expected the Europe Union to follow France's example and adopt an immigration pact to coordinate policies when France assumes the rotating presidency July 1. He said the pact would include an accord among the 27-member body not to undertake a mass legalization of migrants.

On Wednesday, the EU parliament adopted new rules for expelling illegal immigrants. However, the measures do not address issues like asylum, prevention or tackling problems at the source – all encompassed in the French pact.
Hortefeux, among the most controversial members of the government, insisted that Europe largely shares French concerns over illegal immigration

France seeks to choose its immigrants with an emphasis on those with skills and visas enabling them to work. Their ranks were up by 36.7 percent over the past year, Hortefeux said at a news conference marking his first year on the job. France wants half of its immigrants to be entering for professional reasons by 2012.

He said France expelled 80 percent more illegal immigrants in the first five months of 2008, compared with the same period last year. From June 2007 to May 2008 it expelled 29,729 illegal aliens.

The number of voluntary departures was up 374 percent over the past year, and 38 percent so far in 2008, Hortefeux said, suggesting that immigrants living in France without papers “now understand our rules.”

France is managing to calmly master this migratory flux,” he said.

Overall, he estimated there are 8 percent fewer illegal aliens in France today than before he took office. Officials say there are 200,000 to 400,000 people living in France illegally.

Hortefeux was optimistic about the EU's adoption of a French-proposed immigration pact, saying it could happen as early as October – halfway into the French presidency.

Hortefeux's ministry also aims to preserve the French national identity and to attack the migratory flux in countries that are the source of illegal immigration. France has signed development pacts with five African countries this year – Tunisia, Senegal, Benin, Gabon and the Republic of Congo.

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