Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Fugitives, The Undesirables, The Criminals, the Unwanted, The Offenders.


The only crime they committed is just being undocumented and they have being criminalized, persecuted, tortured, hunted, being labeled on the society as offenders but Immigration are not considered a risk to the public. That's ashamed Nations using Undocumented Immigrants to diminished, scapegoating, and create fear against the other. The Unwanted, The Undesirable, The Offender.

U.K. Seven immigration offenders broke out of a detention centre - as the Home Office launched a new bid to toughen up its enforcement of immigration laws.

The embarrassing security breach saw the men flee the Campsfield House centre, in Oxfordshire, just before 4am on Thursday.

Four were later re-captured - including one caught bicycling away from the scene and one with ankle injuries after leaping over the perimeter fence.

Another escapee was later found seven miles away at the Oxford University Botanic Garden, although staff denied reports the fugitive had helped himself to their tomato crop. The remaining three men are still being hunted by police.

The fiasco overshadowed the Government's launch of a strategy to deal with immigration offenders, including plans on detention and deportation. It also cast a shadow over a series of raids by police and immigration officers to close down a massive immigration racket focused on bent solicitors and bogus colleges.

There was no information on how the seven detainees managed to break out of the secure facility, run by American company GEO, which holds failed asylum seekers and other immigration offenders.

Police said it was a "planned escape" rather than an opportunistic abscondment. A Home Office spokesman said: "Based on the information they currently have the police have stated that they are not considered a risk to the public."

In Thursday's wave of early morning raids, the police arrested eight men and a woman linked with companies they believe helped illegal immigrants to settle in the UK. Officials think the firm of solicitors at the centre of the inquiry was issuing false education certificates to immigrants.

Thames Valley Police named the men who remain at large as Abdesalam Tarik Ben, Abdelhak Morid and Mohammed Aref Hosseini.

Inspector Graham Sutherland said: "I would like to reassure people that none of these men are considered to be a risk to the public. However, I would ask that if anyone does see any of these men that they should not approach them but instead call the police.

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