Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stop Harvesting Stop Disabling & Murdering Lives; Stop Selling & Harvesting Organs

The Communist Chinese [CCP] have been harvesting organs and tissues of lives, youth to elderly, of the Falun Gong and other prisoners in their slave labor camps. It is outrageous enough to know of these human rights violations, but the CCP is selling the organs, tissues of these innocent prisoners. All monies are sent back to the CCP. In effect, the CCP have been and continue 'to bank on the lives of their victims'. This is a billion dollar business! Now you know why they don't want it stopped.

What this means for all locally globally, is that if it is Medicare, Medical, or other insurance companies, it means YOU, the tax payer would be partici-pating in any/all of these crimes against humanity. Do you want your person or loved ones now, or later in history to be known as one who was complicit in the murder of countless innocent lives?

This must be stop; be Pro active against Human Rights Violations.

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