Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why in the World we continue diminishing, stereotyping, criticizing, provoking, instigating, and making derogatory statements against Mexicans and Mexico because they can not control the Border? Why we are not criticized our Norther Border?
Border Patrol found 150 pounds of Marijuana in three Hockey bags. I did not know Drug dealers playing Hockey? Did you?

Border Patrol agents find 150 pounds of pot in Bottineau County.

A Border Patrol agent working with a police dog unit found 150 pounds of marijuana west of Lake Metigoshe, near the Canadian border in Bottineau County, authorities say.

Assistant Chief Patrol Agent Brett Baumann said the pot was found Nov. 26, on a routine patrol, in three hockey bags and six plastic garbage bags. He estimated its street value at around $500,000.

The hockey bags had no markings to indicate where they came from, he said.

"Somebody walked them across the border is the assumption," Baumann said.

"There are no suspects, and the investigation is continuing," he said. "The Canadian authorities are doing their thing up there, and our U.S. guys are, as well."

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